M064 Beaded Christmas Spider - Trinkets & Things Handmade with Aloha
M064 Beaded Christmas Spider - Trinkets & Things Handmade with Aloha

M064 Beaded Christmas Spider

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Do you decorate for a festive holiday Halloween or Christmas or just like to add a little sparkle? A Christmas Spider would be perfect with your decoration.


A handcrafted beaded Christmas Spider is the perfect creature while story telling of the folklore "Legend of the Christmas Spider". There are many variations of the folklore. We will include with your purchase our favorite version in a story book format "Legend of the Christmas Spider".


We use glass bugle beads so that our beaded Christmas Spiders shimmer and sparkle in the light. The Christmas Spider makes a great sun catcher, plant decoration, wear it as a pendant, or dangle it from anywhere.


We handcraft our Christmas Spiders with 24 gauge wire for the legs and the body is 20 gauge wire. The wire is usually copper or color coated copper or sterling silver filled or silver plated. The beads used will range from glass bugle beads to acrylic beads or wool beads for the legs and body. After years of practicing, we have perfected this combination to make the Christmas Spider. Not just beautiful and sparkly, but also durable to bring you happiness years to come.


Not recommended for someone that has arachnophobia (fear of SPIDERS!) or children under the age of 4 years old.


We do not mass produce these. Only 1 available. Actual photo illustrated.


We apologize this specific creation is current sold out. Pending on availability of our supplies we may be able to recreate this specific creation. Each additional creation may slightly differ, but rest assure each creation will receive the same level of quality. Please contact us for more details.

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